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I understand creation as a way for reflecting on the relationships I maintain with the territory, exploring and pondering on concepts like landscape and identity. Using as inspiration - and questioning - diverse western epistemic fields such as geography, history, literature and astronomy, I intend that my work displays new ways for thought, feeling and imagination, serving as a space of encounter between different fields of knowledge. My work ranges photography, video, performance and installation. I am currently working on my project Tropical tropisms, in which I research how creation can display ways to (re)imagine tropical regions. 

Visual artist, MFA in Artistic and Documentary Photography by Rey Juan Carlos University and MFA in Artistic Research student. My work has been exhibited in Madrid and Barcelona and my documentary and experimental films have been screened in Madrid, NY, Bogotá, Caracas, Medellín and Cali, among other cities. I have been selected for art residencies in Madrid and Quito and I have received academic grants in Spain, the USA, Germany and Colombia. I am currently living and working in Madrid. 



MFA Artistic Research

Complutense University, Madrid, Spain (on course)

MFA Contemporary Artistic and Documentary Photography

Transforming Arts Institute / Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid, Spain (2019)

Bachelor in Communication Studies 

Social Sciences Faculty, Universidad Javeriana, Cali, Colombia (2017)

College in Humanities and Social Sciences

Studienkolleg Mittelhessen, Philipps Universität Marburg, Germany (2012)





The dark forest: An equinoxial inferno / Colective exhibition "The divine comedy:  reason and inspiration" / c arte c / Universidad Complutense, 2021

Ten-minutes reflection on genes, experiences and love / Virtual exhibition “What makes us human?” / Sesnon Art Gallery + California University, 2021

One says goodbye and does not leave / Group Exhibition Cantera 2019 / Tabacalera - Promoción del Arte / Madrid, 2019

One says goodbye and does not leave / Group Exhibition "Cosmogonías" / Transforming Arts Institute / Madrid, 2019 

Earth´s answer / Contemporary Analog Photography Festival Revelat´OFF 2019 / Centre Civic Pati Llimona / Barcelona, 2019


Small ritual for showcase / Performance / La Pelubrería / Madrid, 2021

Domestic autumn equinox ritual / Performance / Espacio 3B / Madrid, 2020

1.f. Not north neither south / Performance - Group exhibition / PEPA Small Performance Art Event - ABM Confecciones / Madrid, 2020


Art Residency Programs

Art Residency Program / No Lugar Arte Contemporáneo / Quito, 2021

Cantera 2019 Art Residency / Tabacalera - Promoción del Arte / Madrid, 2019 

Artist talks and conferences

Everything in the equinoctial lands bears the stamp of the exotic / I JIAS Jornadas de Arte y Sostenibilidad / Facultad de Bellas Artes - Universidad Complutense de Madrid / Madrid, 2020

Artist talk / APTOlab Espacio de Tránsito Creativo / Pereira, 2020

Lecturas para NoAptos: Hybrid Cultures by Nestor García Canclini / APTOlab Espacio de Tránsito Creativo / Pereira, 2020

Book fairs and exhibitions

Migrant Geographies / ANóNYME Colectiv Singular / Fiebre Photobook Fair / Madrid, 2019

Migrant Geographies / Photobook Club Madrid COSECHA 2019 / San Telmo Museoa / Donostia - San Sebastían, 2019

Migrant Geographies / Photobook Club Madrid COSECHA 2019 / La Fábrica Bookstore and Gallery - Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía / Madrid, 2019

Film Screenings

The journeys we forgot / Cinematheque of the Contemporary Creation Centre Matadero, Iberamerican Cinema Programm, Madrid (2017)

The journeys we forgot / City Cinematheque Bogotá, Colectivo Rara, Bogotá (2016)

The journeys we forgot / Cinematheque of the Modern Art Museum La Tertulia, NYC Latin Shortfilm Festival in Cali, Cali (2016)

The journeys we forgot / Consulate of the Republic of Colombia in NYC, NYC Latin Shortfilm Festival,  NYC (2016)

The journeys we forgot / Andrés Caicedo CinemaForum,  Cali International Film Festival, Student Shortfilm Official Selection, Cali, (2016)

The journeys we forgot / LIRO Theatre,  Docs Barcelona + Medellín, Best Colombian Shortfilm Prize, Medellín (2016)

The journeys we forgot / Hernando Aristizabal Auditorium, Césares Student Film Awards, Manizales (2016)

The journeys we forgot / Lugar a Dudas Cultural Centre, Cali, Student Film Programm, Cali (2016)

The journeys we forgot / Salón Internacional de la Luz, Bogotá, 2016


I Jornadas de Arte y Sostenibilidad Catalogue / Fine Arts Faculty / Complutense University / Madrid, 2021

Artists Guide "50 Latin-American creators in Madrid" / Casa de América / Madrid 2020

Revelat´Contemporary Analog Photography Festival Catalogue, Earth´s answer review and artist´s bio, Barcelona, 2019

DobleEspacio, review of the photobook On Abortion by Laia Abril, Bogotá, Colombia, 2019

Cuaderno Javeriano de Comunicación: Textual diversity and audiovisual reflection 

"Primero Muerta" and independent webseries production. Cali, Colombia, 2018

Grants and Scholarships

Professional Training Grant

Universidad Complutense de Madrid (2021)

Academic Excellence Scholarship for Master Studies

Universidad Complutense de Madrid (2020 - 2021)

Talent Grant

AULA Foundation / Transforming Arts Institute, Madrid, Spain (2017 - 2018)

Academic Excellence Scholarship

Ingredion Educational Foundation Scholarship Program, Westchester, USA (2012 - 2017)

Academic Excellence Scholarship

Universidad Javeriana Cali, Colombia (2012 - 2015)

Academic Excellence Scholarship

Studienkolleg Mittelhessen / Philipps Universität Marburg, Germany (2012)


An amateur choir: voice creation workshop / CA2M Contemporary Art Centre / Madrid, 2021

Photoperformance: history and theory / Moderated by Mariana Moreno / Freezer Photo Platform / La Plata, Argentina (online) / 2021

Theatre in key of interdependence: dialogues between body and conflict / Moderated by Juan Antolín de la Torre / Teatro Social la Rueda y Universidad Politécnica de Valencia / Madrid, 2020


After Nature: Postnature and contemporary creation / Gabriel Alonso / Institute for Postnatural Studies / Madrid, 2020

What is contemporary art? / MoMA The Museum of Modern Art  - Coursera / Madrid, 2020

Graphic Outbreaks I / Artemisa Semedo / Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía / Madrid, 2020

Colectivo DEMOCRACIA Workshop /  PROYECTOR Videoart Platform and Tabacalera Promoción del Arte / Madrid, 2020

Portable Atlas of Latinamerican Art / Directed by Estrella de Diego / Fundación Amigos del Museo Reina Sofía / Madrid, 2019

Body and territory: performance art as feminist rite / Daniela Lillo Olivares / CAR Creation Centre, Madrid, 2019


Inhabit the river: cinema, contemplation, and urban landscape / Lois Patiño / Contemporary Creation Centre Matadero, Madrid, 2019

Photobook production and edition / Gonzálo Golpe / NODE Center for Curatorial Studies, 2018


Landscape, territory and identity / Jon Cazenave, Federico Claverino y Awoiska Van der Molen / San Telmo Museoa, Donostia-San Sebastián, 2018


Videodance Improcámara Workshop / Silvina Szperling, Martin Heslop, Minna Touvinen / Universidad Javeriana, Santiago de Cali, 2014


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